Live comedy tours
October 31, 2020

Martin’s key responsibility as a sound professional has been to make sure that every audience member in large and acoustically challenging auditoriums can hear me delivering my performance with clarity, and this he has done to a higher standard than any other sound engineer I have worked with; but he has gone beyond that by also making creative suggestions and contributions to the shows themselves

Manchester International Festival
November 1, 2020

Martin is a highly skilled sound engineer, working incredibly closely and collaborating with sound designers and artists to create sound environments that are overwhelmingly detailed and powerful. Martin is detailed, thorough, patient and perceptive. His empathy and experience allow him to interpret requests from a wide range of lead creatives – from visual artists to directors to performers

Virtual music festival
November 3, 2020

We feel very fortunate to have worked with Martin for the Fall into Autumn Virtual Festival. His sound expertise was incredibly helpful in getting everything dialed in just right for our performance.  A professional and kind person to boot!